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Saving us from sugar and ourselves

[Trigger Warnings for fat hate, misogyny, and diet culture.] Truvia has a new commercial. Thank you, television; I really needed that. [Video description: In the foreground, a plate of doughnuts is seen, out of focus. In the background, a series … Continue reading

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A New Year and then some

While I recover from an exciting bout of maybe-food-poisoning, I’m getting around to some overdue digital house cleaning. I’ve been away since, uh, November. Oops. So, to sum up: I won NaNoWriMo ahead of time, made it over 50k, and … Continue reading

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Too many projects, not enough magnification

Or, I’m getting too old for this shit. I have been unhappy about my blog theme (lime! tiny text! narrow column! LIME!) and casually poking around at alternatives when I can get my internet connection to cope with all those … Continue reading

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So, here’s the deal. I spent two weeks over the July/August transition brought down by a matched set of massive ear infections, which had me fevered, weepy and unable to chew. During which time, if I may remind you, I … Continue reading

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Comic-Con => Zombie!Joyce

Five days, way too many lines, and one lost bracelet (dammit!) later and I’m home from San Diego Comic-Con 2010. Even after twelve hours of sleep last night, I’m still reeling, unsure if I had a good time and why. … Continue reading

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Updates and a friendly warning

First, the warning, which may superficially look like running away with my tail between my legs. But it’s not. Please don’t be confused. If in doubt, consult a trained professional. The warning is that June’s working review may not be … Continue reading

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Shabby Crap

It’s hard to update a blog that doesn’t exist. Like, oh, say, my Goodreads.com blog, which has disappeared for reasons unknown. I anticipate an exciting discussion with the people in power over there when they get my message. I doubt … Continue reading

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