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WonderCon 2012 Experience

I spent the weekend at WonderCon and, like everything else, my con-going experience consisted of equal parts self-improvement and self-indulgence. Continue reading

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Left Hand Complement

Learning: that uncomfortable moment when you realize the depth of your ignorance. Continue reading

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Invisible Results and Synthesis Overdrive

As a natural dabbler, the concept of expertise is problematic for me and, fortunately, rapidly becoming irrelevant. Continue reading

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Return of the Con

(So, I’m just going to pretend that I haven’t been absent from here for six months and plan on talking about what I’ve been doing later.) Anime Expo 2011 starts tomorrow and I am once again an attendee. I hadn’t … Continue reading

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Comic-Con => Zombie!Joyce

Five days, way too many lines, and one lost bracelet (dammit!) later and I’m home from San Diego Comic-Con 2010. Even after twelve hours of sleep last night, I’m still reeling, unsure if I had a good time and why. … Continue reading

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Squidly – Large Plush

Squidly: It has not escaped me that he has too few arms. I know, okay, I know. Just, uh, pretend. I could, in theory, untie each arm, split it into two, and braid them up again. But I like the … Continue reading

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Must stop shaking…

…long enough to type. So, after getting very upset about the Comic-Con professional registration, for which I was certain I would never qualify with my one little anthology submission, I went crying to my good friend (who is constantly saving … Continue reading

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