Short Stories

“Roll Up” in Bite Me, an anthology of ménage à trois erotic romances. Available from Torquere Press in ebook formats and in paperback from


Robot Daughter and Other Stories, cover art

Robot Daughter, a collection of science fantasy flash fiction. What if you could have the body of your dreams? What if you ended up with the body of someone else’s dreams? What if you had to walk away from everything you knew just to make it to tomorrow? Seven people find ways to make it to that tomorrow in a world where high-tech avatars offer an alternative to human bodies, but there is always a price to pay.


Shousetsu Bang*Bang

SSBB is a livejournal-based community for m/m romance stories, with twice yearly specials for f/f stories. It’s not fanfiction; it’s all original fiction (or plausibly deniable rule-benders). It is absolutely brilliant, full of amazing authors. It’s also the place that got me writing fiction seriously again after one too many bad creative writings classes convinced me that writing was the most joyless thing to which a person could subject themselves.

Inspired by the manga phone books of lovably fluffy stories, SSBB should be pure candy, but the writers keep sneaking in smart, touching, weird delights. While I’ve grown as a writer since starting there and some of these stories are not my so-called “best work,” I am proud to be a contributor. I hope you enjoy them and please check out the other writers there.

(All stories posted under the community-specific pen name “Daifuku Hoyako.” It’s no fun if you don’t come dressed for the occasion, you see?)

“A Life in Six Payments”
“Delivery Available”
“ApocalyptiCon, or It’s Not the End of the World”

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