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Make Your Own Miracles

Sometimes it is possible, and necessary, to be your own divine intervention. Continue reading

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The End is Seriously Nigh

This is it, kids. House of Cats is less than a week away from being completely written. The rough draft of #19 is finished and I’ll be writing #20 over what remains of the long weekend. Monday, I’ll write the … Continue reading

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Full of Win!

(Warning: Stupid and happy babble to follow; may abuse the word “awesome” and parenthetical statements. Read at your own peril.) With the caveat that I hate horse racing, today was awesome. First and foremost, it is awesome because my Little … Continue reading

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Smile through the pain

That toothache I complained of has resulted in a joyous sharing experience. Specifically, I have shared one of my wisdom teeth with three separate dentists, who have in turn shared with me friendly chatter and exciting drugs. I’m not sure … Continue reading

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I do have a personal life

But not so you could tell by looking. Between more frantic bouts of writing, I celebrated my dad’s birthday. Which primarily consisted of spending the afternoon making a truly epic pineapple chiffon cake. I wish I had pictures. It is … Continue reading

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Using my sarcastic voice

I’m having a good time. Really. In no way was I laid low by a raging fever and flu for a week, during which I actually considered going to the hospital in case my brain boiled away. My good intentions … Continue reading

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It never fails

So, I just got my computer back from the shop. It’s hard drive is now shiny, but not really new, having been wiped and the OS reinstalled to fix the handful of corrupted files I didn’t know I had. That … Continue reading

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