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A to Z Challenge, Joyce Flavor

(So, when I said in my previous post that, later this week, I would explain the additional rules I would be following for the A to Z Challenge, I had not yet properly grasped that, uh, it’s Thursday. The lateness … Continue reading

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50k and JH in haiku

Yep, JH is now over 50k, halfway through my projected length. That is a little over where I would like it to be, only because the next scene is my midpoint, so I’m running a bit long. That’s okay. I … Continue reading

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Fruits of my labor: Jackrabbit plush

Looking back over my list of posts, I realized that it had been a month (again) between posts. But I have good stuff to show for it! I present the Jackrabbit House prototype plush: Rivem, the rabbit portion of the … Continue reading

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Too many projects, not enough magnification

Or, I’m getting too old for this shit. I have been unhappy about my blog theme (lime! tiny text! narrow column! LIME!) and casually poking around at alternatives when I can get my internet connection to cope with all those … Continue reading

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Comic-Con => Zombie!Joyce

Five days, way too many lines, and one lost bracelet (dammit!) later and I’m home from San Diego Comic-Con 2010. Even after twelve hours of sleep last night, I’m still reeling, unsure if I had a good time and why. … Continue reading

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Burn, baby

It’s been a little while since I posted. In the mean time, I saw Alice in Wonderland (charming, but somewhat unsatisfying) and The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (weirdly wonderful), enthused over the Oscars, and had my soul crushed. Oh, I’m … Continue reading

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Working Review: Little Sister Troubles

Sometimes life dumps useful things in your lap. Over on Shousetsu Bang*Bang, for which I was furiously writing a story last week, an announcement went up about the new moderator over at Petitte Soeur, which specializes in timed challenges for … Continue reading

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