Working Review Index

Working Reviews are based on the principle that you learn best by doing; barring that, learn by watching someone else. I will run through an exercise, prompt, or challenge, often gleaned from specific writing resource books. I will comment. I will learn. Hopefully, you’ll do the same. For more information, see the Introduction to Working Reviews.


The 3 A.M. Epiphany:

Imperative: POV exercise

Breathing Life into Your Characters:

Archetypes, Parts One, Two, and Three: Character development exercise

Guest Appearance: Angie Wang:

Worth 1000 Words: Inspiration and style exercise

Letters from Abroad: Voice exercise

Naming the World:

Borrowed Rhythms: Style exercise

WriteSparks! Lite:

Acceptable Randomness: Inspiration exercise

Take Joy:

Voice Changers: Voice exercise

Petitte Soeur:

Little Sister Trouble: Timed exercise

Our Daily Toast: Daily writing exercise

Now Write!:

Forest for the Trees: Setting and description exercise

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