Bite by bite

I’m nibbling away at my edits. I have most of the paper edits done, but that only puts me about halfway through what needs to be done. I have one long scene that I can only cope with on-screen because of what I want to do with it. My paper edits are extensive though, so most of those scenes will be finished as soon as I do the type-in. It’s all taking rather longer than I would like. I keep running into individual sentences that I just can’t seem to bang into shape. I want to get all the edits done tonight, so that tomorrow, all I have to do is give it a formatting once over and submit it.

And since I’m still following the Olympics with late-night dedication: at the risk of just adding to the existing cacophony of praise for them, Davis and White’s Bollywood-inspired original ice dance was awesome. I guess this is their first Olympics (I have trouble keeping track of who’s who) and for a young team, they’ve been fantastic. I hope they can take gold.


About Joyce

Joyce Sully lives in Southern California. She graduated from UC Irvine. She likes to knit and cook and play video games. But mostly she writes. Joyce writes short stories and novels, songs and poems, scripts and instructions to feed the cat if she stays out late. She has been spotted as far afield as Seattle, but travel makes her nervous. She believes in magic and dragons and ghosts, but is not convinced her next-door neighbors are real.
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