Future Column – 1170

Chugging away on the next Working Review. A little different this time. I feel more like I’m teaching an audience than just puttering around for my own good. Not sure how I feel about it. I think I would rather get back to making myself do things. This feels…easy to me. Even if it’s not something I’ve mastered, I at least feel I have a handle on it. So I’m not in love with just saying, hey, kids, try this at home. Ah, well. It’s just one column. I’ll think up something really wicked to do to myself for next time.

Not much else to report. Played in the mud. Burned my popovers. Poked around with research about steampunk, which may color my story for NaNoWriMo a bit. Fought with a damp antenna about whether or not I would be permitted to watch my television programs this evening. Won more battles than I lost today. I sleep the sleep of the just.


About Joyce

Joyce Sully lives in Southern California. She graduated from UC Irvine. She likes to knit and cook and play video games. But mostly she writes. Joyce writes short stories and novels, songs and poems, scripts and instructions to feed the cat if she stays out late. She has been spotted as far afield as Seattle, but travel makes her nervous. She believes in magic and dragons and ghosts, but is not convinced her next-door neighbors are real.
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