Weekend – nearly over

Not much to say, for which I’m grateful. The horse show is going well. We need to win the jumper classes tomorrow to keep up with our friendly rival for end of the year points. I’ve spent the evening playing Ragnarok Online, despite a lagging internet connection, blissfully pounding on monsters with a new character.

Will return tomorrow evening, hopefully with words. Shows aren’t great places to get writing done, though I did the first draft edits for “Roll Up” at one. For now, it’s back to hunting in the Payon Caves. Nothing like killing the undead after a long day.


About Joyce

Joyce Sully lives in Southern California. She graduated from UC Irvine. She likes to knit and cook and play video games. But mostly she writes. Joyce writes short stories and novels, songs and poems, scripts and instructions to feed the cat if she stays out late. She has been spotted as far afield as Seattle, but travel makes her nervous. She believes in magic and dragons and ghosts, but is not convinced her next-door neighbors are real.
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